Jumat, 17 April 2015

Terrible story People Buried Alive.

Terrible story People Buried Alive. Buried alive is probably the most horror thing that can be experienced by everyone. Imagine if you woke up in a coffin that is buried in the ground. You try to shout over backwards but nobody heard. You try hard out, but could not. While air dwindling and you will actually die in there.

People who were buried alive not only in works of fiction belongs Edgar Allan Poe or Stephen King, but also really happening in the real world. Here are some horror stories from people who thought dead but apparently woke up in his grave:

Mrs. Boger

Mrs. Boger was the wife of a farmer named Charles Boger. In July 1893, Mrs. Boger who lived in Whitehaven, Pennsylvania, died suddenly for no apparent reason. Doctors have confirmed his death and Mrs. Boger was immediately buried. But after some time, a friend of Mrs. Boger said Charles that his wife had hysteria before meeting him. And there is the possibility that he was not dead. This thought makes Charles Boger panic and hysteria. To search for evidence, he asked his friend to unload her meal.

True enough. turns when dismantled, the body of Mrs. Boger has been reversed. His clothes were torn and glass coffin had been shattered. Her whole body was bloody by scratch wound, while her fingers cut off. It seems Mrs. Boger chewing his fingers while trying to get out of the tomb. Nobody knows what happened to Charles Boger after seeing this.